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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Insurance of an entrepreneur

Many persons have seen others succeeding online by doing one thing or the other which they love and are committed to it, because the persons are making it big, they decide to follow their footsteps but at the end the fail. Their failure actually is not that they don’t have anything  to offer but because the do not approach their ideas very well.

One of the basic things an entrepreneur always do is doing that which he/she love, many people open business because their friends are doing well in business and others studying Law, medicine and surgery because their parents want them to do it. By obeying their parents or being moved by the success of their friends in business the go contrary to what they love doing.

As an entrepreneur or one who wants to become, there are things that really need to keep on moving in your mind, here I am going to deliberate on few of them and on my next post I will give you other ones which are of paramount importance.

Here are one of the few things I want to share with you as an  entrepreneur or upcoming.

Many are doing something which the do not know the end point, in the life of every one who wants to be financial independent, GOAL SETTING must be his or her toothbrush. Goal setting is very vital to all human beings, because it helps in reshaping your daily move, it makes you to know that something await you.

There is a particular book I read titled “ how to make money blogging “ by firepolemarketing official which points out goal setting with reference to seven habits of higher effective people where Stephen Covey Stated “ begin with the end in mind “.the end pointing at the goal you set.

Setting a goal is very easy, you can just decide one day to become the best student doing your graduation. Yes this is a  goal which can be achieve, You may also decide to be the richest in the world one day, this is also a goal which can also be achieve.

After setting a goal, ask yourself this. Why did I choose to set this particular goal?, If you are able to answer yourself this question,have it in mind that five percent of it have been achieved.

Now that you have the understanding of what goal is about, having seen an example stated above and also answered the question that follow it, also ask yourself, when will I achieve  or accomplish this goal?. This particular question really point at TIME which is one of the few things I want to share with you on this article.

Setting a goal without knowing the time for it to be accomplish is like cooking a food not knowing that salt will be involve.  You need to set a time frame for your goal,set time that can  equal your goal. For instance let us use the example above, that is being the best graduating student during your time and you are in your final semester of your program and your grade being low. You can see that you goal is good yes but the time frame to accomplish it is extremely poor.

Using a lot of time in other to achieve something less is bad, learn to use your time wisely and also set goals that are achievable with the time.

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